Adventure from Brad and Julie Duncan


Brad and Julie Duncan are undoubtedly an adventurous couple who know how to have fun. One of their favorite adventures to go on is to cruise to the San Juan Islands. Their favorite spot is Roche Harbor, a sheltered harbor on the northwest side of San Juan Island. And, since they’re already so close to Canada at that point anyway, they also love to take quick day cruises up to Victoria, British Columbia. Above all else, they love entertaining their loved ones, friends, and business partners while on water—and when they’re on land, too! The Duncans own property on Lake Pend O’Reille.

When they’re not out cruising or enjoying the breathtaking vistas at their lake home, Brad and Julie can be found adventuring all over the world. They enjoy outdoor sports and participate in game hunting everywhere from South Africa to North Dakota to Argentina.

Brad also really enjoys snowmobiling. In fact, each year he makes it a point to take an annual trip out to Whitefish Chain in Brainerd, Minnesota.

No matter where they are or what they’re doing, Brad and Julie Duncan maintain their positive, adventurous spirits. What they really enjoy most, though, is being able to have a great time with their children and close friends. It means the world to them that they’re able to share in these remarkable experiences with their loved ones. They are so grateful that they have the unique opportunity to have so much fun together and to live such an adventurous, first-class lifestyle day in and day out.

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